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When you visit our drug rehab center in Weatherford, OK, you will find a group of dedicated, caring professionals focused on helping you or your loved one break free from substance abuse. Our focus is on providing supervised detox in a safe and friendly environment. The open and honest environment we provide is key to the success of our clients. We have been privileged to help many individuals like yourself looking to turn their lives around and start down the road to recovery. We look forward to using the experience we have garnered creating a vast network of rehabilitation centers to help you.

Why Is Supervised Detox Important?

When you visit our Weatherford, OK addiction treatment center, one of the first phases you will go through is supervised detox. Detoxification is a process where drugs are purged from your system. The goal is to prepare your mind and your body for recovery.

Detox is challenging, and the symptoms of withdrawal can be difficult. Trying to undergo the detox process without the right supervision increases the chances of relapse. However, with supervised detox, you are given the support and care needed to stick through the difficult detox process. You are helped to make it through the withdrawal process without losing your dignity or your feeling of self-worth.

Our Weatherford, OK addiction recovery facility will provide you with the resources and the professional support needed to successfully make it through this first phase of rehab. During your stay with us here at Dunham Institute, you are never alone. During your stay with us, you will see that recovery is not something you merely hope for, but it is an attainable reality.

The professionals at our Weatherford, OK drug rehab clinic will carefully monitor you during detox. Supervised detox minimizes the chance of relapse. This is important. The number one goal of our substance abuse treatment facility during the rehab process is to help you be successful.

A Safe and Clean Environment

One of the challenges people face when they try to reach recovery or when they try to detox on their own at home is that they are surrounded by temptations. They have easy access to the substance are trying to break free from, and they are surrounded by the stresses, temptations, and triggers that cause them to use and abuse harmful substances.

At our Weatherford, OK addiction recovery center, you are separated from temptation. There is no easy access to your drug of choice. The pressures and challenges that might trigger the desire to use drugs are gone, and you are given consistent encouragement to stay the course.

We are proud of the work being done at Dunham Institute addiction treatment clinic. We are proud of the number of people we have been able to help get on the road to recovery. We look forward to using our skill and experience to help you.