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Addiction treatment needs to be completely customized to meet your needs, but that’s not the only thing it needs to be.
  • Supervised Detox
    While your body goes through the process of getting rid of the toxins that keep you dependent on your drug of choice, you will go through unpleasant symptoms, side effects, and withdrawals. To make sure that this process is as swift and smooth as possible, we need to monitor your progress the whole time and supervise your well-being. This way, detox can be the safest, most comfortable, and most efficient withdrawal process that it can be. Once you have gotten through this, it will be time to start long-term treatment in both group and individual therapies.
  • Individual Therapy
    The first thing you will do when you get done with detox is meet with a personal counselor who will work with you to create a fully customized and comprehensive addiction treatment that will guide you through the rest of treatment. This will also include dual diagnosis mental health screening and any necessary treatment. You will vent about your struggles, and your therapist will provide you with the most insightful and helpful advice possible.
  • Group Meetings
    Then you will begin group therapy meetings with the other clients at the addiction treatment clinic. Together you will work through your problems, exchange invaluable and insightful advice, listen to each other’s stories, and provide a general feeling of support. The bonds you forge here may even last long into aftercare.
  • Relapse Prevention Aftercare
    Lastly, leaving our addiction recovery center doesn’t mean that you leave on your own. The support you have garnered will leave with you. Namely, the support and assistance of all the clients who you have met and the guidance of your comprehensive and personalized addiction recovery program. You don’t need to go through this alone. Support, love, assistance, and guidance are waiting for you at one of our substance abuse treatment centers. If you call us today, you can rest assured that you will not regret it.

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At Hollick Institute, we pride ourselves in providing the highest possible care for each individual.
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Our driving force is developing the most effective addiction treatment plan for each individual.

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